Hoods & Covers

Our FRP hood and cover systems are designed to reduce foul air emissions for a safe, clean environment.

Our services include: on-site visits and meetings, site measurements, design and engineering, precision mold building, fabrication and installation supervision.

Please enquire about our trademarked GULLWING™ Washer Hoods for Pulp Mill applications


  • Bleach Washer Hoods
  • Brown Stock Washer Hoods
  • Mud Filter Hoods
  • Chip Screen Hoods
  • Paper Machine Canopies
  • Flotation Dome Roofs
  • Aeration Tank Roofs
  • Sediment Tank Covers
  • Effluent Pond Covers
  • Fan Covers & Housings
  • Walkway Covers

Download our latest brochures for cover:

Chemposite brochure for hoods and covers 20160219.pdf

Free Span Flat Cover brochure 20160413.pdf

Slide Cover 20160409.pdf

Hood & Cover Hood & Cover Hood & Cover Hood & Cover
WWTP Cover System Washer Hood CLO2 Tank Cover 60 ft. Dome Roof for
Hood & Cover

Sliding Covers for Tar
Sand (Oil & Gas)
Dome Roof for WWTP Trial Assembly on Sliding
Tank Roof with Outlet

Hoods & Covers