Scrubbers & Adsorbers

Our scrubber products reduce environmentally hazardous air emissions for both indoor and outdoor facilities. Chemposite scrubbers are used in numerous industries worldwide, including: chemical processing, mining and metallurgy, pharmaceutical, and wastewater.


  • Chemical Scrubbers
  • Activated Carbon Adsorbers & Filters
  • Packed Towers
  • Stripping Towers
  • Mist Eliminator Housings


  • Multibeam Packing Supports
  • Weir Troughs / Liquid Distribution Troughs
  • Gas Diffusion Plates
  • Bed Limiters
  • Packing Support Grates
  • Internal Piping & Spray Header Assemblies

Chlorine Scrubber with
Fan Enclosure
Carbon Adsorber Odor Control System
for WWTP
Bio-Scrubber System
with Duct-work
V-Bank Carbon Adsorber Lower WESP for Recovery Boiler

Scrubbers & Adsorbers