Replacement FRP Manifold Tank & Piping for Pulp Mill Effluent

A 72 inch diameter FRP underground manifold tank along with the associated buried FRP pipe spools was engineered and fabricated by Chemposite under a tight schedule.  The equipment was shipped to a pulp mill in Crofton, BC, Canada. (Photo 4) for installation during a very short, planned maintenance outage, as the water treatment system is critical for Mill operations.


The old tank and pipe spools were corroded by the strong abrasive and corrosive pulp mill wastewater. The leaking effluent had also corroded the concrete base and threatened to contaminate the surrounding soil (photo 1, 2 and 3). Replacement of the tank and buried piping was required urgently and Chemposite quickly responded to design and engineer improved replacements.  The ground was later backfilled and paved for limited traffic load.


The resins used to manufacture the tank and piping were AOC Vipel F010 vinylester for the corrosion liner and K739 polyester Isophthalic resin for the structure. To resist the strong abrasive and corrosive pulp water the tank was laminated with two types of liner.  The abrasion resistant liner included an additional 14% silicon carbide, while the 2nd liner was a standard chemical resistant liner.


If you have a special requirement or an emergency need for your fiberglass equipment, Chemposite is ready to support you with our engineering and manufacturing experience.

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