Chemposite's FRP Reactor Vessels meeting high expectation of our customer

Chemposite-Zhongshan FRP Ltd. Has been manufacturing critical equipment for one of our USA clients for their manufacturing plants in SE Asia for many years. That includes FRP Reactor Vessels operating at high pressure and temperature for the production of their proprietary exotic metal. The first batch of vessels of the kind were supplied by Chemposite back in 2005 for their plants in China and India. Due to the superior service life and quality, Chemposite was awarded two more systems this year for installation at one of their plants in Jiangsu, China for their expansion project.
Due to the critical service environment and high operating temperature, a novolac vinylester resin Derakane 470 was ed throughout the fabrication. The liner was Nexus synthetic veil with double liner construction. The vessels were fabricated to ASME, RTP-1 Standard and inspected by the client’s experienced FRP inspectors. Chemposite was also responsible for the full assembly of the internal components such as agitator, titanium coil and piping for the reactor vessels.
The project was completed on time and meeting all quality standard according to ASME code. The vessels were packaged and crated for delivery via road from Zhongshan to Jiangsu province.


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