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Custom Fabrication-Chemposite Inc. - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), T-Deck, Gullwing, Advanced Composites and Dual Laminate Products

Custom Fabrication

Chemposite products and equipment are utilized around tde world by design and engineering firms, original equipment manufacturers, fabricators, and end-users. Our marketing and technical teams are available to discuss your requirements for a custom-engineered product, or to work witd you to enhance your product lines and meet your specific objectives.


  • Cooling Towers
  • Recovery Boiler Ductwork
  • Weir Troughs & Gates
  • Pump Stations & Basins
  • Structural Forms & Shapes
  • Sandwich Core Panels
  • Acoustic Shields & Covers
  • Flumes & Baffles
  • Precipitators & Stacks
  • Explosion Hatches & Cell Covers
  • Pressure Vessels and Filters

Custom Fabrication
Custom Fabrication
Fan Enclosure 14m Diameter big tank Scrubber Internal
(multi-port gas injection plate)
Repulper Roll Lining
Custom Fabrication
Custom Fabrication
Custom Fabrication
Rectangular Duct Reverse Mandrel Technique FRP Trough for WWTP Aeration Pipe for WWTP

Custom Fabrication